If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I was at BrightonSEO on Friday – probably the UK’s biggest search marketing conference.

It was a great day – I picked up lots of tips, tricks and advice on SEO and can’t wait to start implementing them for my clients (although the 4 hour train journey each way wasn’t so great!).

In one of the seminars Q & A sessions someone asked “How can you tell an good link from a bad link” and that gave me the idea for this post.

All website owners should know that if another site links to yours (a backlink) it’s good for your SEO – right?

Well this isn’t strictly true.

A great backlink can do wonders for your SEO efforts, others are disastrous. Meet the good, the bad and the ugly of backlinks:

The good: a well written backlink from a website relevant to your business with the anchor text (the clickable bit) that matches your websites activity

The bad: a backlink from a relevant website that has the anchor text as your company name or “click here”

The ugly: a backlink from a website in a totally unrelated industry, or even worse, a spam or directory site no matter what the anchor text is

I know I’m using an age old saying here but in the world of backlinks quality over quantity really does matter.

All website owner should check their backlink profile on a regular basis and if there are any bad or uglies lurking around address them immediately!