A lot of new enquiries I receive go a little something like this:


Hello there Fairy, I REALLY need to work on my SEO.

Can you help me?

Yours sincerely,

George Smith

Owner, Small Business Ltd

It’s great when you get a customer who knows EXACTLY what they want right??  Super easy to sell to – just pop them over and invoice and start work!  Ideal scenario yes?

Well, not for me.

During my initial consultation with the business it turns out they have no idea what they need, they’ve just told me what they think they need (and that’s usually based on something they haven’t worked on before).

Call me old fashioned, call me too kind but I can’t take someones money unless we BOTH know that SEO (or content marketing, email marketing or whatever) is exactly what they NEED.

You wouldn’t plan a road trip to Edinburgh from Birmingham when you’re actually starting in Bristol now would you?

It’s much the same with identifying what digital marketing activities you need to work on – you need to work out where you are first!

My first planning session with a new client always includes an analysis of their businesses current performance.

I use the RACE framework built by Dr Dave Chaffey from Smart Insights as it’s straightforward, easy to understand and covers the four core areas to attract new clients.

So, what is RACE?  It’s a framework that has four key areas to engage with your potential customers through their lifecycle.

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