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99% of small businesses want a Marketing Manager in their business

Are you one of them?

OK, I’ll hold my hands up and say that I made up the above statistic (all the others on my website are true, if you want to know from where just ask!).

Running a small business is really hard work, not only do you have to “do the do” to earn the money you’re also tasked with accounts, business planning, marketing, product/service development, day to day operations – it’s endless.

Working as a dedicated part of your team I can scoop up all your digital marketing ideas, plans and projects and turn them into a successful reality – without you having to worry about payroll, pensions and national insurance!

From a few hours a week to full days or even on a project by project basis – I’m as passionate and dedicated as your are to make your marketing a success.

A dear friend (who also happens to be a client) always says “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

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