affordable seo

Your website may be slick and beautiful but if nobody can find it, it’s virtually useless

How does yours rank?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is intimidating for most small business owners.  They either don’t have the technological skills to do it correctly, or the time to learn it.

Add into the mix companies that are less than trustworthy guaranteeing to get your website to the number 1 spot in Google by black hat (i.e. very dodgy!) it’s no wonder that most small businesses steer well clear of SEO.

My affordable seo services are understandable, effective and most of all ethical.

I don’t guarantee to get you to position 1 (and if anyone does then you should run a mile!) but I DO guarantee to get you results – better rankings, better visibility and more traffic to your site.

  • £299

    one payment
  • Site audit
  • Site accessibility
  • Site indexability
  • Domain level analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • £299

    one payment
  • Standard NAP details
  • Domain registration & hosting data
  • Social Media networks
  • Citations
  • Reviews
  • £359

    per page
  • Search term research
  • Meta Data update
  • On page content improvement
  • Structured Data implementation
  • Image optimisation
  • £119

    per month
  • Ranking and Click Through Rate report
  • Maintain backlink profile
  • Search terms review
  • Review building
  • Link building