Silent movies haven’t been popular for years right?

Well there have been some confusion in the industry regarding sound for social media videos.

Facebook have been advising companies to create videos “with or without” sound and have even gone as far as switching off audio when video posts play automatically in a news feed. Some of the “big boys” have backed up Facebook’s decision – lovely site Little Things (who have around 150 million monthly views!!) have said that 85% of their videos are viewed without the sound on.

Snapchat on the other hand reported in early June that two thirds of the videos posted to its mobile app are watched with the sound on.

So keeping in mind viewers may not actually hear the sound of your video here are my top tips to ensure your message is still received – loud and clear ;o)

– Make the first five seconds of your video amazingly engaging so people want to switch the sound on
– Add visuals or captions for important points so viewers on mute don’t miss anything
– Make it easy for people to understand the content of your video if they don’t have the sound on

Do you have any other tips? I’d love to hear them!