i never planned to be a Fairy…..

(or self employed for that matter!)


I spent nearly 10 years working at a European level for one of the world’s largest internet companies (no, not the big G!).

When they were purchased (sorry, merged!) with probably the world’s largest media company the Bristol office was closed and I was asked to relocate, permanently, to London.  It wasn’t particularly the best time in my life to go and I was very fortunate to be offered a generous voluntary redundancy package.  So I put away my suit and heels and spent a few weeks planning a “reconnection” sabbatical with my partner to South America (my partner is Spanish – we didn’t need to learn a new language ????) before finding another corporate role to throw myself into.

Itinerary set, bikinis bought and dreams of cocktails on beaches watching sunsets beckoned – until 2 weeks before I was due to book our tickets I found out I was expecting!  Watching a sunset on a foreign beach drinking water while your other half is downing cocktails?  Erm – no I don’t think so!!

Fast forward 4 years and I have a gorgeous 3 year old daughter who is due to start nursery soon and I’m feeling ready to tackle “real” life again (juggling a house, family and job!).  However I’d spent the last 3 years singing nursery rhymes on repeat and as things change SOOOO quickly in this industry I presumed that I was virtually unemployable.

So I hatched a plan.

I had friends who ran their own business – I was going to help them with their digital marketing for free (no, I’m not bonkers – it was to get my skill set up to date!).

I started helping 3 of my friends, then they recommended me to other small business owners, then they recommended me to more.  I got thank you cards, thank you flowers and super smiley people who were over the moon with the work I’d done for them (again, I never got that in my corporate life!).

One night in January 2014 I had an epiphany – I wasn’t going to find a job that gave me this much satisfaction, or that fitted in with family life.

The digital marketing fairy was born!


To help small business owners increase their online visibility and ultimately revenue


To make digital marketing services accessible to everyone

Based in Bristol (voted best place to live in the UK by The Sunday Times!) I work with small businesses across the UK

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